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Welcome to the cross stitch section of our WhatYouWill website. Not counting the small poinsettia that I did for a badge when I was a Brownie, I started cross stitching in 1985. This was the year my parent's took their 20th anniversary trip to China (well, the 20th anniversary gift is china). They asked a couple from church to stay with my brother and me while they were gone. The lady was a cross stitcher. When I told her that I had done a small piece long ago, she offered to refresh my memory and get me started on another small piece. The rest is history.

Throughout the late 80s, I did several smaller pieces. Then, in 1992, I found The Castle designed by Teresa Wentzler. I had no idea how this one picture would change my life, or how incredible long it would take me to complete. Since that time, I have learned to love evenweaves and linens, that blended threads really do enhance the shading, the proper way to do many specialty stitches, there are more fiber choices than DMC, a do-lolly is a great friend, and an OTT light is a necessity. I have learned that Mirabilia projects are huge and that Just Nan has some really nice gift size projects. Best of all, I have met a fabulous group of people on the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board who have been a huge source of help through these major projects. Many of which would still be WIPs (works in progress) if it weren't for the encouragement received on the board.

To all my stitching friends through the years--the ones whom I have met, the ones known only from the BBs, and those I will meet in the future--this section is for you. You all are terrific. Thanks for everything!
And, to Scott, who has spent many lonely evenings on his couch while I madly stitched away on a project (what with my lap stand, I take up one entire sofa myself), I owe a tremendous amount of thanks for your patience, understanding, and encouragement--even though you do tease me when you learn that I have to frog stitch entire sections. You're the greatest!