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Mirabilia Seasonal Queens
designed by Nora Corbett
published by Mirabilia
framed by Totty Frames and Cross Stitch Corner


When I first saw these Queens, I fell in love. I even knew the perfect spot to hang them in the house (see picture to left). My husband, Scott, bought all four patterns for me as a Christmas gift in 1999. I had this grandiose idea of stitching them in a rotation but kitting them up as one piece. I had a huge box with all the colors required for all the pieces and a bag that contained the extras, beads, treasures, and wisper threads (to which I seem to be allergic). Just in case anyone is interested, I bought 8 skeins of white and a yard of Antique White linen, not to mention all the antique glass beads. I figure that in materials alone, these ladies have cost around USD150.00. Framing came in just a tad shy of USD800.00.

I debated whether or not to do the hands and faces over-one, and at the urging of my husband and Erica Gonzalez (Moira), I decided to go for it. I finally had to break down and buy Pattern Maker to rechart the over-one areas. I have spent countless hours on this conversion when one includes additional stitching time. It is a good thing I was unemployed while I was stitching most of these over-one sections!

Winter Queen
started on 16 January 2001
COMPLETED 11 July 2004
Click here for large picture (714KB)
Click here for close-up of over-one face

Spring Queen
started on 23 February 2001
COMPLETED 17 July 2004
Click here for large picture (840KB)

Summer Queen
started on 16 April 2001
COMPLETED 18 July 2004
Click here for large picture (836KB)

Autumn Queen
started on 26 June 2001
COMPLETED 20 July 2004
Click here for large picture (801KB)