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The Castle
designed by Teresa Wentzler

Castle Pic

Castle Close Up Pic

Before leaving for a six-month study abroad in Brussels, Belgium, I found this pattern and thought that it would be nice to work on while living overseas. Luckily, I had never heard of Teresa Wentzler or I might have been scared spitless. I did not believe in rotations. I was of the firm mind that once a piece was started, I shouldn't work on anything else until it was completed. Well, I started this pattern in January of 1992; I did not complete it until May of 1996. During this time, I spent six months in Belgium, graduated from college with honors and two degrees, planned a wedding, got married, packed up all my worldly possessions, moved to Dallas, Texas, went to Travel School, became a travel agent, and started a graduate degree. I like to say all that, so that it doesn't look so bad that it took me four years to finish this! It was the beginning of many large projects, and I've certainly never regretted it. Although, if I had it to do over, I would not have stitched it on 18 ct. white Aida. All those quarter stitches were a nightmare! Oh, and I would not have taken it to a framing store in the mall. After a couple years, I noticed the fabric was bubbling. I took it to Dan Melvin of Matte Ink to restretch it. When he removed the back, we discovered that they had used a sticky foam core. Who knows if it was acid free. I spent a week soaking in Ivory and warm water and carefully pulling the sticky paper off the back. Then, I got daring and ironed it to a piece of wax paper to try and lift off any glue residue. It worked really well assuming I did not cause any long-term damage to the piece.