Over One Conversions

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Mirabilia Queens
Skin Over One Conversions

Adapted from skin charts designed by Nora Corbett

Due to the increasing popularity of the over one conversions for the Mirabilia Queens, with the help of my fabulous husband, I have created this page for all who are interested. The following are .pdf files, so you must have Adobe Acrobat to view them. Also, in order to use these conversions, you must have the original patterns designed by Mirabilia. Please respect her copyright of these designs.

A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES: These links should automatically pull up the files in Adobe Acrobat. They will look horrid on the screen. In order to have them print correctly on the screen and on paper, we were going to have to do something difficult. I figured that everyone would print them anyway, so it was more important to have them look good in print. Also, these are made to fit one page. You will have to either use a magnifier or enlarge them to really be able to use them easily.


Winter Queen Face

Spring Queen Face
Spring Queen Arms

Summer Queen Face
Summer Queen Right Arm
Summer Queen Left Hand

Autumn Queen Face
Autumn Queen Hand