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The Lady of Shalott
designed by Teresa Wentzler


This piece is what introduced me to the music of Loreena McKennitt when I learned that Teresa was influenced by the musical version of Tennyson's poem about a the Lady of Shalott who was not allowed to look directly out her window overlooking Camelot. Instead, she was forced to see the world through a mirror while she weaved day by day. Of course, this was purchased immediately, so unfortunately I have the kit which I absolutely hate and reminds me why I never buy kits.

Erica (Moira) and I decided to start this project when we both learned it was next up in our lists. We started on September 20, 2002, when members of the TW board were having their SAL. Erica came over at 7pm and we listened to Loreena McKennitt's song while we stitched those first Xs. After the album, we put in some movies and at about 2am Erica finally decided that she needed to go home.

This border took forever. I'm going to put this one down and rotate it out with Garden Verses.