Completed Works

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Fairy Tale Sampler
designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith

Date Started: October 7, 2002
Date Completed: January 16, 2003

When my aunt announced that she was pregnant, she mentioned to me that she was planning on centering the nursery around a castle them. So, off I went looking for a birth announcement with a castle. This is more difficult than it sounds. I finally found Jennifer Aikman-Smith's "Fairy Tale Sampler". I liked the poem. I liked the saying, but I needed to add the baby's name. So, at the bottom, I added the celtic knotwork border from Teresa Wentzler's Dragon Ride and borrowed the font from somewhere that I can't remember now.

So, amidst learning how to sew on a Renaissance Court Costume, I managed to start and complete this piece for my newest little cousin, Caroline Blake Collins born on January 13, 2003.