Baby Gifts

Chloe Pic  Jules Pic
A Gift for a Girl
Designed by J.G. Whittier
Published by Just CrossStitch (June 1998)

This was a very nice baby pattern I found in the Just CrossStitch Magazine. It is not overly babyish and can be cherished by the child and parents for many years to come. I have done this twice now. I did the first one for Jules Stigers, daughter of a friend and coworker, born September 17, 1999. I did the second one for Chloé Guillaud, daughter of my French friends , born on her mother's birthday, May 16, 2001. I used the words from the "A Gift for a Boy" pattern since the wording was interchangeable.

Dan Melvin at Matte Ink did the framing of both of pieces, but I forgot to get a picture of the finished one for Chloé
  Brandon Pic     Pooh Birth Announcement
Designer not Stated on Design
Published by Leisure Arts

After years of trying, Chris and Holly, who went on a Disney Cruise with us in December of 1998, were finally blessed with a little baby boy. Brandon was born on my birthday, Septemeber 12, 1999. This piece seemed a nice way to commemorate the occaision (although I had already anticipated the blessed event and bought the pattern before the cruise was ever scheduled).

I thought I might try something a little different with the finishing of this piece. I made it into a pillow (the first and last time I will ever do that) using a light blue denim piece of fabric for the back. And, just in case anyone is interested, those curved needles work wonders when you have to repair a loose thread after finishing!