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We're in the off-season now as far as the actual performance company is concerned.

For those of you who are not familiar with our saga, in 2003, Scott and I lost what was left our minds and decided to become cast members at Scarborough Faire. We traded the comfy, cool shorts and t-shirts from our previous eight years as patrons for layers of brocade and velvet. We dedicated 16 full weekends to rehersals and faire days. I learned how to use a sewing maching and sew and made my first Renaissance Court Dress which I started making Christmas 2002. From that date until June 1st. Scott had no life and I had less of one.

We now seem to live in some odd state with the first 5 months of our year dedicated to Scaroborough Faire and the later 7 months recovering from exhaustion. It is loads of fun though, and we have really enjoyed being a member of SAPA and the friends we have made.

Below are some links to sites with photographs of Scarborough Faire:

On the Run - Paul Stout
Open Window Photo - JD Thompson
Bob Floyd
Bryan Alff (photos by April Heffley)
Ricky Lee







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