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Sir Anthony Browne

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Returning to Scarborough Faire for the fourth progress, Lady Mary, daughter of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and first Lady of the Queen's Bedchamber, spent her time playing shuttlecock with Her Majesty's Shuttlcock Society, holding a place on the board for Chess Match, attending Queen Anne at Knighting Ceremony, and watching the joust with other members of the court. Sir Anthony, English Ambassador to France, was taking a leave of absence from his duties in France and could be found fighting in the yard of the barricks, wandering the faire with Lady Dorset (sister to Lady Mary), playing dice, and occasionally being turned upside down during Pub Sing.

Lady Mary Brandon

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Sometimes, Lady Mary and Sir Anthony would run into each other during the afternoon. These were rare instances though.

Of course, both Sir Anthony and Lady Mary made a daily appearence at the Morning Court Dance, dancing his Majesty's own Manschaft Pavanne.

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Image by Bob Prather

Image by Bob Prather

Sir Anthony made a guest appearance one day at the Chess Match when Major Rooke was attending business elsewhere. He did very well in his fight with Steven Stevensen and even added his own flair with Dame Mumsey. How he restrained Two Hawks, however, remains a mystery. Lady Mary became a regular guest singer at the QAL Sunday Morning show. Her chipping rendition of “Amazing Grace” caused her to occasionally be called “Lady Grace” by visiting patrons.


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  It seemed to be the year for groups. Lady Mary's sister joined her and her father at the faire this year making three Brandons total. Also, the girls formed Her Majesty's Shuttlecock Society (HMSS). The Royal Guardsmen, Sir William and Sir Wolfgang, even had special tabards made over the off-season.  




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