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Sir Anthony Browne

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Returning to Scarborough Faire for the third progress, Lady Mary, daughter of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and first Lady of the Queen's Bedchamber, spent her time playing badminton with Her Majesty, shopping with the other ladies of Court, and of course, still lining up fiancés. Sir Anthony, English Ambassador to France, was seen this year sporting a spiffy new outfit. He was once again in Scarborough taking a brief respite from his hated duties in France and fighting Alfred on the side of the King in the Chess Match.

Lady Mary Brandon

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Sir Anthony fought Alfred in the Chess Match. It wasn't a very sportsman fight although it did have several humorous references to a particular movie. It really was the best fight on the board complete with a magic illusion finale.

Image by Bob Prather

Image by Bob Prather

Image by Bob Prather
  While the gentleman fought, the ladies played badminton. We were a little modern to start with, but by the end we had a lace "net" and a feather shuttlecock. The guards who held our net for us were a great laugh. They even made sure that Lady Mary's serves would make it over the net. This was the year that Queen Anne's Lace passed the plague around to each other. Rarely were they ever all there at once, so Lady Mary got to help lend a voice on the Sunday Morning Service. All those years of learning church hymns came into play. It was such an honor to sing with the girls especially the chirpy part in "Amazing Grace".




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