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Lady Mary Brandon

Image from On The Run Photography



2003 at Scarborough Faire marked the introduction of two rather unremarkable characters. Lady Mary, daughter of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk was on her first progress whilee she and her father wrapped up the details of her fifth betrothal, the first four betrothals ending in the unfortunate demise of the betrotheds. Sir Anthony, English Ambassador to France was in Scarborough reporting the latest intrigues from the French Court to King Henry VIII--as well was enjoying a little bit of gambling on the side. Below are some pictures for rememberance.

Sir Anthony Browne

Image from Open Window Photo

Here we are dancing with Lord Henry Seymour, Viscount Beauchamp and Lady Jane Seymour.

In retalliation of her father cutting off her jewelry allowance, Lady Mary has taken up a new profession with the tarts complete with sign advertising "Will Work for Jewelry".

Here come the men of court, Lord Edward Seymour, Duke of Sommerset, Lord Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Lord Henry Seymour, Viscount Beauchamp, Lord Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey,
and Sir Anthony Browne, Knight of the Garter.

My father was not always happy with my shopping excursions, so we frequently had little chats about my purchases. He lectured, I listened, and then I did exactly what I wanted.

When Sir Anthony teamed up with the Count d'Anjou, the French ambassador to England, there was no stopping these two gentleman well learned in French flirtations.


Click here to see pictures from my family visit to Scarborough including the infamous pictures of my real dad dancing with me!





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