Scarborough Faire

Belly Dance Outfit

Vest from Simplicity Pattern 5359
Circle Skirt following Guidlines from Costuming from the Hip

I made this one before I decided to journal my costume creations. This was a nightmare. First, the fabric was very pretty. I have no idea what it was made out of it, but it was shimmery and had black shiny flocking glued to it. After laying it out on my white bedspread, my white bedspread was black. So, I decided to wash it. My laundry room exploded in black fuzz everywhere.Once I got things under control though, it actually turned out to be quite a pretty shade of copper and looked much better for having been washed. I wish I could say the same for my laundry room.

I never did get the vest correct. I don't think that these patterns were in any way shape or form every meant to be altered to fit someone one of my um, shall we say, more well endowed proportions. However, as it truly isn't a costume unless there is a safety pin somewhere, I just pinned it the bodice line along my cleavage to the bra and it seemed to work fine.

The skirt went okay except for the hemming. How in the world are you supposed to hem a circle skirt? I'm afraid that my hem in incredibly uneven, but no one seems to have noticed yet, so I guess I'm okay.

The best thing about this costume though is the jewelry. I lucked out and found the fabulous belt and necklace at a Belly Dance/Middle Eastern Store in Valley View Mall in Dallas. She didn't have the matching earring having sold them, but there was so much extra on the necklace, Scott made some to match. I think there is still extra, so I may see if I can get a pair of wooden hairsticks and hang another row of jewelry off of them so I can have jewelry for my hair next time I wear this.



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