Dana's Tudor Costume

This is my first real attempt at sewing since making an ill-fitted dress in high school. Many thanks to all those who are helping me with the project. Special thanks to my mother-in-law, Ginger, who gave me a crash course in sewing over Christmas; Cathie Mercier who is offering her expertise in fitting my bodice; Bob and Rikie Floyd who have helped with fabric and answering my endless questions; my TWBB friends who have given me so much advice; and my dear husband Scott who has been more patient than ever during the past few months of living with me and my latest obsession. You guys are the greatest.

Here is my costume as of 2/9/2003.

The picture on the right is a truer color of the fabrics. The picture on the right shows the front as it is now. I still need to hem back and even out the side panels of the overskirt and finish the bottom of bodice and both skirts. And, quite obviously, I need to add the sleeves which will be the green brocade with a forest green velvet lining turned back and tacked to the upper arm to show off the velvet. I hope to have time to do some couched gold work on the edging of the velvet and also trim the bodice neckline with a strip of velvet with the couching on it. Below is a picture of the underskirt with the couched gold work I am doing on it. I have a lot of flowers to go! I am also working on a blackworked collar for the "faux chemise". It will snap onto the bodice at the necline to give the appearence of a chemise underneath.